“[GroupCard] is one of the best features of facebook.” -Sue

June 22, 2009

This one just came in…

“Folks, I got your wonderful b’day card, I can’t believe that each of you took the time to write a couple of lines… even if it was a template I deeply thank you! you made me feel special. As per your app. this is one of the best features of facebook. You are great! I hope each of you gets the rewards you certainly deserve for a great job well done! and that these rewards start in your workplace and extend to your private lives. Thanks again.”

Warm and fuzzies really make my Monday!

Getting Caught on Film Wearing a Pink Cowboy Hat

June 13, 2009

I celebrated cinco de mayo with Amber Rae Lamke, a young and driven friend from  actions talk.

I didn’t expect her to pull out a camera for an inteview.  After all, it was loud, dark, and  Don’s tequila was strong (though this video may appear otherwise, I only had one.. i promise)

Here’s the piece:

Yeesh…i need to work on eye contact w/ the camera and those perplexed blank stares!

Welcoming our First GroupCard Premium Member: John’s mother-in-law

June 11, 2009

This week we quietly rolled out GroupCard “premium” – which is a subscription service that gives you a an awesome basket of upgrades, such as larger pictures, unlimited printable cards, and a bunch of other great stuff..

Jane Bryan-Jones (John’s Mother-in-Law) was our first eager customer, and walked through the process after dinner tonight.  Since day one, Jane’s been a HUGE GroupCard supporter – her birthday card was the first card ever signed on “squidnote 3.0” back in November of 2007.

A Teacher Appreciation GroupCard Brings Tears of Joy

June 8, 2009

Start a GroupCard for your teacher, and you may get a grade like this….

“OK, you did it!! I sat down and read my

GroupCard and started to silently weep – words cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I feel. You are amazing to have put this together with former and current families.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
xo,  Toni”

It’s not too late to send that appreciation greeting to a teacher in your life… here’s our latest selection of free greetings from the class.