“GroupCards have been a grand slam of a success!”

January 5, 2010

Last year GroupCard had the privilege of working with the fine folks at Bills.com/Freedom Financial Network. The program was a huge success and today Brent Rickles passed along some very nice words about their results.

Thanks Brent!


This year, we started sending GroupCards to our clients for various occasions. What I thought would be a simple client appreciation initiative turned out to be one of the biggest surprise successes of the 2009, creating an entirely new channel of positive interactions between us and our clients.

Every day we receive replies from clients thanking us for the GroupCard we sent them. “Thank you, you’re the best!”, “You all rock!” and “I can’t thank you all enough!” are just a few of the replies from clients that arrived in my inbox this morning.

The constant flow of these messages from our clients provides us with daily reminders of the positive impact our company has on our clients’ lives. We’ve even gained some new clients from current clients who have shown the GroupCard we sent them to a friend, who in turn came to us for services.

Without a doubt, GroupCards have been a grand slam of a success!


Brent Rickles
Bills.com/Freedom Financial Network, LLC