If you wonder how groupcard works….

August 15, 2008

We’ve had numerous requests from people who were curious about what happens behind the scenes at GroupCard……..

Cool Press: PC Mag picks GroupCard as top 100 website of 2008

August 11, 2008

GroupCard was just selected as a “top website of 2008” as a top “undiscovered” site. Hopefully we won’t be “undiscovered” for long!

Group Card lets a group of people sign and send a free e-card, which works well for sharing a card with officemates, friends, or family members. The selection isn’t much better than what you’d find in the card aisle at your local drugstore, but anything that saves us from spending $5 on a paper card is great with us. “

Group Card

PCMag’s list has some real gems, including our friends at animoto, and some totally hillarious time-pass websites. Highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and checking them out!

Special thanks to our friends at PorterNoveli for helping us apply!