Big News at GroupCard

June 27, 2008

How do we celebrate our special events here at GroupCard? With a GroupCard, of course! We started a Congratulations card for John, one of the founders, and his fiancée, Katie, as they get “hitched” this weekend. The card will be delivered on Saturday, June 29th– the big wedding day. Check it out and leave a message for John and Katie!

In other news, there are celebrity cards going for both Richard Simmons and Harrison Ford. They’re neck-and-neck. Are you kidding me people? Add your birthday wishes here:

Families use GroupCard to Organize Group Gifts to Coaches and Teachers

June 17, 2008

As school concludes and summer activities heat up, we’re excited to see parents and athletes starting to use GroupCard to thank their teachers and coaches.

Susie Toussaint, a super-involved mom, started a card for her son’s baseball team coach and 25 other families signed. “GroupCard is such an easy, flexible, and unique way to send teacher gifts and coach thank-you cards. I love that you can upload photos of the team or use the clip art to personalize each individual signature. The kids loved using the different fonts. I never thought of online cards as personal until I used GroupCard.”

Using the gift card feature is also proving to be an easy, efficient way to collect contributions to a gift from the team. “Using GroupCard saved the hassle of collecting checks and organizing people to sign a physical card,” mentioned Susie.

Many of the parents ordered the printable pdf not only for the coach, but for themselves as well. Susie “loved looking back at the funny pictures and reading what the kids wrote.”

Luke, a student and the creator of a GroupCard for his teacher, told us, “I found out about GroupCard through a friend who created a birthday GroupCard for a friend. I am the president of a student organization NC State University and wanted all of our officers to sign a card for our faculty advisor. GroupCard made it simple and convenient for everyone to sign. It also provides a great way to go back and easily view the card.”

Has your team used GroupCard? Send us your experience:

In living color – Now you can get your GroupCard Printed! (BETA)

June 10, 2008

Every day we get a handful of awesome emails from users asking… er BEGGING for a printed GroupCard. We never expected such big demand! After quite a bit of trial and error (and sadly killing a few trees) we’ve finally come up with a way to offer printed cards. Our first try is a rough beta, but we think you’ll love the final product!

Visit our print page to learn more about how you can choose from three different options

1) “Poster Card” These cards make a real impression! For this solution, we print your card out on high quality poster paper, and send it to you in a roll. It’s great for displaying your GroupCard on the wall in your cubicle, office, room, garage, or (if you’re really popular and have a lot of signatures) along the side of a school bus! Rich (our Chief Creative Officer) actually does this all by hand, so you’re sure to get a high quality product with great attention to detail! Current charge is $14.99, though if you have a HUGE card, we may need to charge you more.

2) “Flip Book”

Perfect for passing around at a party, for a coffee table, or just keeping handy in the bookshelf. This option is slightly more expen$ive b/c we use a third party provider. Current charge is $24.99

3) “DIY

For this, we send you a pdf file that you can basically print out on your own printer at home or the office. It is great if you need the card NOW, or if you just want something quick and easy to keep on your desk. Current charge is $4.99, and this is to help us cover some extra software and computing work that this rendering requires.

New Sequential Art Grad is floored by his GroupCard!

June 4, 2008

Joe Luby of Central Florida had a longtime dream of pursuing a degree in Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Joe was finally able to obtain his dream through much persistance and sacrifice. For awhile, he & his wife, Jessica, had to live in different states, they endured a couple of relocations, and Joe even managed to finish his last two courses online while being a stay-at-home dad for their new baby boy, Caelan. Jessica wanted to show Joe just how proud everyone was of his accomplishment, and decided to do so with a GroupCard graduation card. Joe was absolutely floored when he received the graduation card signed by all his friends and family. In fact, the outpouring of support by everyone who signed the card left Joe positively speechless.

Jessica knew Joe would love the card. She’s created several cards on the website, and everyone has received them with glee. As Jessica told us:

[GroupCard is] an amazing spin on the e-card. GroupCard has taken informal e-cards and transformed them into an amazing interactive personal card. My husband was floored when he received his graduation card. I am a huge fan and am sharing the site with anyone who will listen! Thank you!