Introducing GroupCard Apps Merchant Social Gifting Service

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Back when we started GroupCard in 2007, the goal was to create the world’s best way to say “we care about you” . So far we have  helped millions of people do just that!

An important part of our goal is to help people combine forces and give gifts together as a group.   In 2008, we became the first service to offer a group gift card.   Today,  we’re introducing GroupCard Merchant Social Gifting Service, which moves group gifting beyond and enables to retailers  launch and promote social gifting applications from their own Web sites and Facebook Pages.

GroupCard now directly helps  retailers increase their gift card sales.  Our new service is easy to implement and affordable.  Most importantly, it helps customers gather friends together on the retail site or Facebook Page to engage with the brand, and send a meaningful gift card to a lucky recipient.

People often ask what we mean by  “Social Gifting Service”.   Simply put, a gift is social if it is shared and open where  many people can join in the joy of giving together.     In fact,  people are  three times more likely to give to a gift if it’s done together as a group.   GroupCard’s Social Gifting Service uses powerful technology platforms like Facebook® Connect, which enables people to see upcoming  events and post a gift on a friend’s Facebook wall where others can view and contribute together.   We also will tie in services like twitter, and of course email, to help  each gift be circulated broadly.

Here at GroupCard, we think every gift should be social.  We believe the best way to achieve this is by leveraging our trusted brand and powerful technology across a  distributed network of  merchants that people appreciate.    We’re starting with a few retail gift card partners that mean a lot, personally, to our team:

Terrapass is possibly the most environmentally positive gift that a group can give.  With a Terrapass gift card, the recipient can offset the carbon footprint of  their day-to-day life.. whether it’s for a car or travel.

After saving mother earth with Terrapass gift card,  there’s reason to celebrate.  In Milwaukee, WI,  AJ Bombers is the perfect restaurant to share a gift card, and bring the whole group to celebrate together.

Gang up on your favorite geek with a ThinkGeek gift card.   Whether it’s an ipad arcade or a molecular gastronomy starter kitThinkGeek is simply the most fun place for geeks to shop

Actaea is an awesome  Milwaukee-based hair and spa center.    It’s the perfect gift card that  lets the whole group say “go pamper yourself, on us”


So, what retailer gift card would YOU like to group gift?  Let us know!

For you PR folks out there, here’s the full word doc release: GroupCard Release04082010

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