Cool Mention in Geek Sugar

Reiko (our Product/Marketing rockstar) just found this cool writeup about GroupCard in Geek Sugar, a popular womans blog.   The article is great, and i am just amazed by the followup comments about people using groupcard as a card for the office– I swear that none of us from GroupCard  seeded those!

There’s no physical passing around, first of all — it’s an electronic pass-around that’s accomplished by just emailing the card to the people who need to sign it. You then send the e-card (who cherishes greeting cards from co-workers these days anyway?) to the recipient, and wish her well.”

Here’s the article

…and here’s the cool comments…

We used this today at my job for one of our co workers that is going off to college and it’s GREAT. Thanks

I believe Elfster is also doing group birthday cards now, in addition to secret gift exchanges like Secret Santa.

I started work at my office last August so for my birthday this May my card was fabulous, filled with true sentiments about how I’d changed the office. Some people still appreciate real cards and letters instead of emails.

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