GroupCard June 2009 wrapup…

Led by a seasonal surge in fathers’ day and graduation, GroupCard finished the month with record visitors, record organic cards, and record revenues.   Likewise, our full Q2 showed record #’s.

The team has been busy at work, mostly working from our “Facebook REV” outpost in Palo Alto, California.   We’ve sped up the site and we’ve added tons of product enhancements including premium membersips which enable larger photos and unlimited photos.

As always, the most rewarding part of our job is hearing the stories behind each card.  We’ve heard from hundreds of people this month who sent or recieved meaningful cards from family, office coworkers, friends, and more.  Here’s some of this month’s feedback:

I love Groupcard, and I love this card even better. I feel like the format is really nice and very easy to use. I feel in love with GroupCard when I sent my first card. Thanks for such a innovative way to share your feelings.

I think Groupcard is a unique way to express ourselves in a collective manner. I just love this!

I think that GroupCard is just a great system because you can send cards to your loved ones for free. I think it’s just wonderful how I can send cards to my friends and everything. Thank you so much for creating GroupCard.
Thanks for the card too!

You can’t improve – this service is fantastic – and free! I really can’t ask for more. I loved your little Miss you note – and guess what: I’m sending another group card today 🙂

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