Warm and fuzzies from up in Canada…

Here’s a great testimonial from one of our users up north… it pretty much sums up why we started GroupCard!

Thanks, John! It was really nice talking with you. I did order the book and I especially want to thank you for deducting the cost of shipping from the price.  They LOVED the card!!! Thank you so much for setting up this site. We live in an age where people are generally overworked and find it difficult to find the time to recognize people’s achievements and give them special attention and recognition. Yet establishing, maintaining, and developing relationships is what really puts the quality in life and makes life worth living!!! Your site makes it easy to do that. It’s much easier to sign a card online than to send it around an office and it’s virtually impossible to send it around to friends and family who live far, far away from each other. This card, going to VA, was signed by people in MI, CA, MN, TX, OH, FL, and even Jordan! I LOVE it!! Being able to add photos and clip art and choosing the cover turns it into something that will be treasured forever!!

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