Verified and Featured on Facebook!

This week Facebook included GroupCard in it’s launch of the Verified App program

GroupCard gets this seal on our application!

This is a huge badge of honor – effectively recognizing GroupCard as a one of the top .05% (yes, that’s one in two thousand) applications on the whole platform.   

Being verified is a great privledge.   First, it means Facebook users can trust that GroupCard is a safe, transparent, and engaging service.  Second, it lifts invite and notification limits, which has always been a problem for our power users. 

All of us at GroupCard appreciate what the folks at Facebook did to make this happen.  The team was  detailed and patient in their review process.    What better way to show our appreciation then to send a little thankyou GroupCard to everyone at Facebook:


Here’s Facebook’s new application directory:


Here’s our nifty verification badge!

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