Mind your manners with GroupCard

I just found this oldie but goodie from the “Miss Manners” section of the  May 1st St Petersburg Times (That’s St Petersburg FL) about the manners of signing a GroupCard.  stpetersburggroupcard2

In the article, a reader opines about a socially complex dilemma of being encouraged to create a group card for someone for which she doesn’t especially like.   Miss Manners seems to turn the tables on the reader (all in the third person, which makes this piece even harder to read).  Ah, if only we all lived in St Petersburg Florida in the 80’s to debate such challenging life problems.

Though I wholeheartedly (and politely) disagree with Miss Manners here, I will nod to one point that  “No thanks, I’m sending my own card” might be the only polite  reason for NOT signing a GroupCard.

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