Turning a dispute into a hot sales lead

Ahhhh chargeback disputes….just the thought of them makes my blood boil.  But this week we were able to turn a$4.99  chargeback dispute into a HOT LEAD for a $200+ sale.  Admittedly, the chargeback came in not because of a complaint but rather customer confusion (about what our item was on their AMEX bill).  Still, this experience raises my eyebrows about a new segment opportunity where our enterprise customers can send GroupCards on the tail end of a customer support issue in order to TURN THAT ISSUE INTO REVENUE !


The smart folks at GetSatisfaction have coined the term “customer service is the new sales”, and after this experience, I couldn’t agree more!

While I’ll never look forward to a chargeback, i am excited to see if this is a consistent lead source for our pipeline.

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