Reverse Blog?

John and I were talking this weekend about how companies could use GroupCards as a fun way to keep in touch with their customers… to welcome them, share successes, wish them a happy holiday, etc. And I thought it’s probably the companies who are already on top of corporate blogging who would be the first to “get” this. Those are the companies that have best realized how plain talk from real people is the best kind of marketing.

Anyway, then it occurred to me… GroupCards are kind of like reverse-blogs. A blog is a one-to-many relationship. One person writes an article, and many people read it. But what we do with GroupCard is allow your whole team to sign the card, and then deliver that card to one personal client. Also, blogs are more about sharing information. But GroupCards are really about sharing sentiments.

It’s an interesting difference. I’m gonna have to think about that. What do you guys think?

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