Families use GroupCard to Organize Group Gifts to Coaches and Teachers

As school concludes and summer activities heat up, we’re excited to see parents and athletes starting to use GroupCard to thank their teachers and coaches.

Susie Toussaint, a super-involved mom, started a card for her son’s baseball team coach and 25 other families signed. “GroupCard is such an easy, flexible, and unique way to send teacher gifts and coach thank-you cards. I love that you can upload photos of the team or use the clip art to personalize each individual signature. The kids loved using the different fonts. I never thought of online cards as personal until I used GroupCard.”

Using the gift card feature is also proving to be an easy, efficient way to collect contributions to a gift from the team. “Using GroupCard saved the hassle of collecting checks and organizing people to sign a physical card,” mentioned Susie.

Many of the parents ordered the printable pdf not only for the coach, but for themselves as well. Susie “loved looking back at the funny pictures and reading what the kids wrote.”

Luke, a student and the creator of a GroupCard for his teacher, told us, “I found out about GroupCard through a friend who created a birthday GroupCard for a friend. I am the president of a student organization NC State University and wanted all of our officers to sign a card for our faculty advisor. GroupCard made it simple and convenient for everyone to sign. It also provides a great way to go back and easily view the card.”

Has your team used GroupCard? Send us your experience: feedback@groupcard.com

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