A Little Love from the Library… Menasha Library Director is hooked!

May 22, 2008

Tasha Saecker, director of the Menasha Public Library and an avid blogger, recently discovered GroupCard. Tasha was so impressed with the website that she raved about it in one of her blogs. Here’s what she had to say:

“Just got invited to participate in my first GroupCard and I am hooked! I used it on Facebook to sign a card for a colleague’s birthday, and it is not only a friendly interface, but a lot of fun as well.

Just select the card you want, sign it, using the sweet image interface to add pictures, give the email address of the person you want to send it to and the date it should be sent, and invite others to sign it as well.
Seriously, this is the way to do cards for colleagues who work in other facilities. It just rocks!” Posted by Tasha Saecker on May 19, 2008 1:08 PM

Thanks, Tasha, for the shout-out. We think you’re great, too!

A graduation celebrated around the world

May 21, 2008

I just emailed with Benedicte Kjobstad, a GroupCard user from Bergen, Norway (as she calls it “the raniest city in Europe”. She had just created an amazing graduation GroupCard for her sister, Charlene. Benedicte highlighted to me how a GroupCard really brought together family and friends who are spread around the world (Bergen, Vermont, Berkeley, Lousiana, DC, Indiana, and beyond…). Charlene is the perfect example of a deserving recipient. Her accomplishment, culminating with her graduation from Law School at Northeastern, is quite an inspiration for all of us here at GroupCard.

“My sister worked extremely hard over the past 7 years, getting a full scholarship to Boston University and putting herself through law school at Northeastern University. Raised by our single mother, who always told us to never give up and always follow our dreams, despite our hardships. Charlene began talking about being a lawyer when she was in middle school and now, through her hard work, dedication, persistence, combined with a positive outlook on life she has accomplished her goal! She is a success story!

I currently live in Norway, and realize how difficult it is to communicate with family and friends, who are spread across the world. So, groupcard.com was an awesome way to tell my sister how much we care about her and how happy we are for her achievement! Thanks Groupcard for helping me and my loved ones spread some joy!!!!!

GroupCard: A global Graduation Card for Charlene
Benedicte Kjobstad, Norway
Contributors: 20 family friends from around the world.. from Bergen to Berkeley
Notable fact: Charlene is a big achiever, and her graduation was celebrated by family and friends around the world

It’s official, SquidNote is now GroupCard!

May 16, 2008

In a flurry of activity in the past few days we acquired groupcard.com, changed the code to reflect the new URL, and then went ahead and did our first ever press release… just in time for Mothers’ day. Everything seems to have gone off well (fingers crossed).

“Why the SquidNote name in the first place?” It was roughly one year ago today that I began roaming the halls at business school interrogating my friends about possible names for my crazy greeting card idea. My process end ed up pretty straight forward:
1) accost an unwitting friend
2) mention three names
3) wait a day, and see what they remember
In this “recollection contest” SquidNote won by a mile.

“So what went wrong with the name”?
It’s true, our cephalopod had many admirers, but in the end, he lost out on some key factors.
1) it was distracting… the “why SquidNote” question wasted 3 minutes from every discussion
2) we couldn’t rally around it… for some reason, it never excited us.

We knew it just didn’t work.
3) in didn’t help the brand… in public polls, the name “SquidNote” lost by a mile in terms of trust, energy, and friendliness.

“Where did GroupCard.com Come from”
To be clear, groupcard.com was more than a domain. There actually was a bare-bones collaborative greeting system running there. The technology was vintage (created back in 2001 we think), but we discovered that the ‘ol site actually had a loyal community of users! We warmly welcome those users (Hi Diana!) to “the new GroupCard”, and we thank Pam (groupcard.com’s former owner) and Kurt at zoomwebhosting for kindly helping us with the transition.

“So, what’s next?”

We’re excited and committed to our new brand. Rich, our CCO (Chief Creative Officer) has a ton of tricks up his sleeve that will bring GroupCard to life. Stay tuned….

MothersDay 2008 – Our first official PR

May 8, 2008

Last Minute Mother’s Day Greetings from the Whole Family – GroupCard

Greetings from the group Families around the world can now come together online to sign a Mother’s Day card for mom

Menlo Park, CA, April 8, 2008 – GroupCard, a new online service, allows family members to come together online to sign mom’s Mother’s Day card. Families around the world are using the Web site, which virtually re-creates the familiar “group office card” experience. Whether your brother is stationed overseas, your sister is traveling abroad, or the nephews are living across the country, each can log on to sign mom’s GroupCard by adding a picture and a personalized message. GroupCard is free, eco-friendly, and with just two days before mothers’ day, it is practically the only way everyone in the family can add their sentiment to a single special greeting for mom………….

Want to see the whole thing? Here’s the PDF of the release