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Though online greetings sometimes feels more web1.5 than 2.0 and definitely not 3.0, it’s a pleasure to get a good post from Attila at Web2Web3. It’s a fun post and i certainly am humbled to being compared in any way to Google 😉

Posted by Attila Gárdos | 5/29/2008 | | 0 comments » Some great ideas pop up every now and then in Menlo Park, California: Google was founded here in 1998, it is adjacent to Stanford University, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is situated here… and GroupCard (previously called SquidNote), the collaborative greetings Web site also operates in Menlo Park.

Yesterday they announced the launch of GroupCard Gifts, a feature that allows individuals to go online to collectively send a gift from the whole group along with their GroupCard. GroupCard Gifts are redeemable for an Gift Card, which can be used to purchase millions of items available on GroupCards can be circulated online via email or Facebook, making them a fast and easy way for contributors to sign the card from anywhere in the world. With graduation and Father’s Day coming up, GroupCard is an easy way for families and friends to come together to acknowledge the special grads and dads in their lives.

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