News Flash: GroupCard officially launches GroupCard Gifts!

… an envelope gets passed around around the office, collecting money for a coworker’s baby shower
… one of the PTA moms called you to add to the class gift for a special teacher
… you’re in charge of buying a group “thank you” gift for your soccer coach, to thank her for your coach for her hours and hours of support

Starting today, GroupCard has the perfect solution for all these situations….

Here’s how it works:

  1. One person (the creator) initiates the card on the website, choosing from hundreds of designs.
  2. The card is then circulated via email and other web alerts (such as Facebook). Each contributor is invited to sign by adding a personalized message with unique fonts and pictures.
  3. Each card signer may optionally contribute to the GroupCard Gift. Gifts can be of almost any amount, and individual contributions are kept anonymous. Each payment is quickly and securely transacted online via credit card or PayPal.
  4. On a pre-set delivery time, the GroupCard is delivered to the recipient, who may then redeem the GroupCard Gift for an® Gift Card. The recipient may then also send a thank you note to all the contributors via the Web site.

Today we announced GroupCard Gifts, and how GroupCard Gifts can be redeemed by recipients for an Gift Card.

Below are some of the early press hits…

Payments news
Yahoo News

Blog Posts

Here’s the PDF of the press release

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