Kenny from NY celebrates the big 4-0 with GroupCard!

The morning of May 14th wasn’t just an ordinary morning for Kenrick Adams; he was turning the big 4-0! As Kenny looked forward to his day off of work, he checked his e-mails (because, hey, you never know who might send you an e-mail on your birthday!). Waiting in Kenny’s e-mail inbox was a GroupCard started by his wife, Yvette, and signed by well over 60 of his closest friends and family. Kenny was completely blown away by all the people who took time out to sign a touching card for him. As he read through all the signatures and photographs, he was moved to tears, then laughter, and back again many times! Kenny loved the card so much, he continues to read it again and again! Perhaps Kenny’s feelings are best summed up by what he wrote in his thank-you e-mail to all his well-wishers;

Words cannot express how much this card has touched me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!”

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