Getting into GroupCard for Graduation!

With hundreds of people to congratulate and limited time between finals and graduation, students have started telling us how they loved GroupCard. Amber Epperson, a past president of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity, and sister of Chi Omega Sorority exclaims that “GroupCard was an easy way for a lot of my friends to congratulate me on graduating. People from multiple groups that I am involved with signed it without me even knowing.

The graduates also really enjoyed the personalization features. Callie Dlugas, an Accounting major told me: “I felt loved. I also liked that my friends could add pictures of us”. Amber adds: “I really enjoyed the different fonts and images- it brought out everyone’s personality in their signatures. Receiving my GroupCard from my college friends reminded me of my high school yearbook; I even printed it out and keep it on my desk as a memory of graduation!”

The signers of the graduation GroupCards also enjoyed the being able to contribute. “What a sweet idea! My roommate loved seeing that all her friends wanted to congratulate her for graduating!” said Courtney Emert, an English major at Arizona. Contributors also got a kick out of reading what their friends wrote to the recipient.

Overall the students at the University of Arizona have become big fans of GroupCard. These students are not waiting for 2009 graduation to use GroupCard again, they are already using it to thank professors, congratulate award winners, celebrate birthdays, and recognize sports heroes. We are looking forward to many more Arizona GroupCards!

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