A graduation celebrated around the world

I just emailed with Benedicte Kjobstad, a GroupCard user from Bergen, Norway (as she calls it “the raniest city in Europe”. She had just created an amazing graduation GroupCard for her sister, Charlene. Benedicte highlighted to me how a GroupCard really brought together family and friends who are spread around the world (Bergen, Vermont, Berkeley, Lousiana, DC, Indiana, and beyond…). Charlene is the perfect example of a deserving recipient. Her accomplishment, culminating with her graduation from Law School at Northeastern, is quite an inspiration for all of us here at GroupCard.

“My sister worked extremely hard over the past 7 years, getting a full scholarship to Boston University and putting herself through law school at Northeastern University. Raised by our single mother, who always told us to never give up and always follow our dreams, despite our hardships. Charlene began talking about being a lawyer when she was in middle school and now, through her hard work, dedication, persistence, combined with a positive outlook on life she has accomplished her goal! She is a success story!

I currently live in Norway, and realize how difficult it is to communicate with family and friends, who are spread across the world. So, groupcard.com was an awesome way to tell my sister how much we care about her and how happy we are for her achievement! Thanks Groupcard for helping me and my loved ones spread some joy!!!!!

GroupCard: A global Graduation Card for Charlene
Benedicte Kjobstad, Norway
Contributors: 20 family friends from around the world.. from Bergen to Berkeley
Notable fact: Charlene is a big achiever, and her graduation was celebrated by family and friends around the world

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